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Obesity is a health concern in Oklahoma - Oklahoma City health and happiness

Oklahoma's rank of sixth in 2009 lowered as of 2011 to seventh in obesity. This is a healthful sign; however, obesity continues to be a concern. The Southern states are known for having the heaviest people. Mississippi ranked first with the most obese US citizens according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Not all obesity is caused by poor diets or unwise dietary choices. A great percentage of obese cases were caused from hereditary or health conditions. There are instances where obesity was caused by the individual negatively viewing themselves and their life. Depression can cause gluttony and the lack of caring about one's appearance.

For the US government to consider the recommendation of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which is advocating the removal of custodial parental rights of adults who begat extremely obese minors is an unnecessary socialistic response to a problem that can be best resolved by minors receiving proper parenting (which they usually are receiving), positive dietary instruction from a dietician and psychological assistance from a qualified Child Psychologist. Oftentimes minors listen to unbiased professional outsiders instead of their parents. This is why Child Psychologists are effective.

In the extreme obesity cases, parents usually are not at fault for their children's unhealthy condition. The problem primarily lies with how the teenager or child views where they fit into their peer groups. Minor peers can be cruel to others because of their cliquish nature. Minors who have trouble making friends or are unpopular are known for substituting the lack of friendship and popularity with food.

There is no need for the US government's intervention that the JAMA is proposing. To remove parents from an extremely obese minor's life would be upsetting. Removing any minor from their regular home environment could cause worse repercussions. In divorce cases, one parent is chosen as the primary custodial parent in order to maintain consistency in the minor's life. Minors do not adapt to change well. Changes are not necessarily beneficial and healthful to a minor; especially those obese.

Obesity in minors is also caused by poor eating choices done behind their parents' back. Children and teenagers are known for swapping food during lunch at school. These wily minors are renowned for sneaking off with their peer group to eat unhealthful snack food items that are high in processed sugar and low in nutrition. Candy and sodas are the unwholesome favorites. Sugar can be addictive; especially to minors who have the propensity for obesity.

Blaming parents for a minor being obese shows lack of experience in a family structure. Those advocating the outrageous JAMA proposal obviously have never been a parent. This Health and Happiness Examiner is a parent who knows the majority of minors have the propensity to eat improperly. Ninety-nine per cent of the time it is the minor's fault for not following the wholesome dietary instructions given by their parents. Enjoy the day!

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